May 16, 2018

Happy Notebbok No.3 is waiting for colors, and ink, and unicorn dust

This notebook making thing is addictive. After making a sketch notebook from scratch using different kinds of paper, and filling it with colorful doodles, I decided that I want another one (and many more in the future). This time I included much more surprise pages, in order to further challenge myself. Because doodling is one thing, but trying to find the right doodle to go with the context is another.
Another difference with my first notebook: this time I did a fabric cover. I love to sew patchwork blankets and so I have lots and lots of little bits and pieces of fabric left. So I just glued some of them and made the cover of Happy Notebook No.3. And added two green bookmarks also.

Here are some of the pages :

I couldn't resist doodling the first page ^_^ 

I love these yellow sheets.

The left page was stained by accident and so it remained in a drawer for months. I decided to include it here and give myself an extra challenge for this page.

I just love this postcard.

The purple piece of paper on the right is the inside of a box of tea.

An old drawing ...

Some vintage postal stationery.

Cannot wait to start filling this one up :D

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