November 17, 2019

My first junk journal swap

Early March 2o19, Céline, a friend I meet over on Instagram proposed a Junk Journal swap. This is what I made for her :

July 25, 2018

Owl Happy Notebook

Here it is, my nature inspired happy notebook.
It has owls, mushrooms, foxes, flowers, rabbits, birds ... All the things I love. 

It contains four signatures, and it is handmade entirely, even the cover.
I am really proud of this one, and it will become my official journal, once I finish the current one.

May 16, 2018

Happy Notebbok No.3 is waiting for colors, and ink, and unicorn dust

This notebook making thing is addictive. After making a sketch notebook from scratch using different kinds of paper, and filling it with colorful doodles, I decided that I want another one (and many more in the future). This time I included much more surprise pages, in order to further challenge myself. Because doodling is one thing, but trying to find the right doodle to go with the context is another.
Another difference with my first notebook: this time I did a fabric cover. I love to sew patchwork blankets and so I have lots and lots of little bits and pieces of fabric left. So I just glued some of them and made the cover of Happy Notebook No.3. And added two green bookmarks also.

April 17, 2018

HappyNotebook No.2 is finished

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry to showcase my very first handmade notebook. It was my second doodle notebook, but the first one I had made entirely from scratch.
And now I am proud to say that I have finished filling it with random, happy and colorful doodles :)