April 8, 2014

My (Colorful) World / Mon monde (colorée)


  1. Why aren't you using titles and descriptions for your posts? It would dramatically improve visits if you would add them to your entire post archive.

    1. Hello Filip ;)

      Before the posts had titles and (sometimes) descriptions. Then I closed the blog because I had a lot of activity on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/oanalivia). And when I reopened it again, I wanted to do something different. So I changed all the titles of all the posts :) Maybe one day I will change them again ;) Who knows...
      I use mainly facebook to interact, it is easier for people to see news and comment on facebook, than on a static blog.

    2. I was talking about getting new visitors (and potential customers) from Google searches, because they can't really find your Facebook on Google unless they search for your name.
      But then again, you might have too many clients already. When you decide to tell Google what your images are about, let me know if I can be of any help. :)
      Your work deserves way more recognition.

      Good luck!

  2. I guess you are right. I had no idea that facebook posts don't show on Google searches ^^;
    Since you offered to help, maybe you can give me some advice on the following dilemma I had : When my posts had titles and text, I never knew if it should be in English, in French, or how to mix up both. Since I live in France, I have a good number of French people who read this blog (I hope in any case ;). And since I practically lived and slept on DeviantArt for a good part of my artistic life, I have a good number of French-speaking readers also. For the Romanian part I don't worry, because we are quite good with English :D
    So my blog had become a royal salad, a mixture of French and English and sometimes Romanian.
    So, my question is this : How can I mix the two in an intelligent way that would allow both French and English readers to spot their respective information quickly and easy ? All advice is greatly welcomed :D
    Thank you (and thank you for taking the time to comment on my silly-little-blog)

  3. I would pick English because of the obvious reason (it's the language that connects people on the internet) and it would be way easier and much faster to write in one language. It's nice that you care about your non-English-speaking audience :)

    There are 4 ways that I can think of:
    1. Writing one post in 2 languages.
    2. Writing 2 posts, one language each.
    3. Using a translating plugin/widget/script.
    4. Having 2 websites, one in English and one in French.

    If you want to choose the path of bilingual blogging, the last option would be the best because of design and functionality reasons.
    This is an example: http://lamaleva.com/
    As you can see, when you try to switch to another language using the top right menu, you get a warning from Chrome, which happens because of a mistake they made when they built the blog. You can click 'Proceed' with no worries when you get the warning.

    Most of the English speakers on the internet don't know French, but many French people know English (unless the stereotype is real, although I can't see how you could be an internet user without knowing English). That would be a 'deal-sealer' for me, if I were to choose based on the amount of people I can bring to my blog. Hope this helped!


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